About Us


Silverlining is a service-oriented consultancy and management firm offering cloud-based solutions that will always be the silver lining to your firm’s challenges. But we’re more than just eternal optimists.


Our team boasts a wealth of experience and the core expertise it takes to deliver real results. We’re strategic, analytical experts in IT and operational processes, and business and project managers. So, you can count on us to get to the root of your problem. Whether it’s HR, marketing, cost accounting, collaborative or a software component need, we excel at handling it all… And come up with powerful, lasting, Atlassian solutions. We’re well-schooled in the back ends and front ends of the full Atlassian suite, and vow to only use and do our best. Like you, we recognize the value of teamwork.


And our enthusiastic and genuinely happy-to-serve team members make us a trans-continental force of best-practice stewards supporting clients all over the world. We bring to the table optimism, diversity and a desire for positive change.


Are you ready to see your cloud’s silver lining? Contact us and get your free analysis and quotes!