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Agile Sprint Goals

Create Agile Sprint Goals in JIRA Server, use WYSIWYG editor, upload files.

Dedicated to
Scrum Masters and Product Managers


Agile Sprint Goals for JIRA Server extend it’s functionality allows you to set up Development or any Non Technical Sprint goals in single place. Sprint Goals can be highlighted by using WYSIWYG editor. You can add attachments into it too.

It is helpfull standard framework step to support Scrum Masters and Product Managers in clear definition of sprint scope and goals/deliverables planned in the sprint.

Key Functionalities

  • set up Sprint Goals in JIRA Server hosting
  • highlight the most important goals within WYSIWYG editor
  • upload documents for development team reference
  • see Agile Sprint Goals both in the Backlog preview & on Active Sprint board
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Add Sprint Goals with
WYSIWYG editor

With WYSIWYG editor the sprint goals can be highlighted and adjusted visually – this way Scrum Master or Product Owner can emphasize the important points within each goal

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Upload files to the
Sprint Goal

Upload file support browsing through the files on computer and upload relevant into the Sprint Goal

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Track against Sprint Goal on
Active Sprint Board

Sprint Goal is being displayed both on the Backlog view and Active Sprint Board – this way whole team can always access and see it to keep ongoing focus on deliverables in the Sprint

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