How Atlassian JIRA Software can be used by software dev. teams?

Atlassian JIRA Software is ideal software for development teams. It can be used widely in different sectors too. Check our introductory article and install your JIRA Software to improve project management.

Atlassian JIRA Software is one of the very powerfull products offered by Atlassian company. It has been developed by several years and right now there is version 7.3 already available for download. What it really is? How it can help software development teams to work better and manage better?

Finally how it can be used in different sectors and other teams not only those delivering the software? These and other questions will be answered in this article. Feel free to contact us or comment on this blog post whether you use JIRA Software or consider using. It is always great to see growing user base of this best – in our subjective opinion – project management software.

What is Atlassian JIRA Software?

Atlassian JIRA Software is a software development tool for agile teams. That is what at least is presented on official Atlassian website. Don’t be influenced by this slogan though. Atlassian software is just great software which helps small, medium, big companies and teams to plan, estimate and deliver the projects.

JIRA Software grew up to a very advanced, highly customizable tool which can be adjusted to the needs of different sizes of teams and different type of companies (working in various sectors, not only in software). Atlassian JIRA comes with pre configured version which consist of following areas – each of this area can be re-configured and customized to support each team specific environment.

JIRA Software issue types

You can configure issue types in a way which is suitable to your team. If you are digital agency which deliver mostly PPC and SEO services then you most likely will need SEO, SEM, E-mail type of issues to be able create specific tickets = issues, plan and work on them.

If you are on the other hand e-commerce business, maybe you would like to use JIRA to create prospect customers type of issue or customers type of issue. From there you can associate them with dedicated workflows.


Example of different issue types in Atlassian JIRA Software

silverlining technologies jira software custom issue types


JIRA Software Custom Fields and Screenss

In JIRA each team can create custom fields which are suitable for different type of tasks (issue types). If you are working on software development project then yu could use fields which are pre-configured in JIRA. Some of these fields are: Fix version, Story, Summary, Assignee, Reporter, Components, Sprint.

But you can add your own dedicated fields which are applicable only to the development lifecycle which is unique to your organization and very specific. Once the fields are created you can associated them with a screen. See example below.


silverlining technologies dedicated issue type screen with custom fields



As you can see on the screenshot above we have Discovery as a issue type. Very often software development companies want and need to spend time with client discovering and analysing client’s requirements to be able then estimate it and create project plan.

The Discovery issue type is assiociated with custom screen which have three custom fields on the screen. So during the discovery we potentially would like to determine user story (or epic it is up from team specifics), define acceptance criteria (this will be usefull on a later stages of the project) and highlight potential issue which may grow to the project risk level if not mitigated.


JIRA Software Workflows

Workflows are equal to operational steps each organization undertake in specific departments on when managing specific type of tasks. There are different workflows in production companies and different workflows in software development companies which have ongoing development lifecycle to follow in order to deliver product.

In JIRA Software workflows are customizable and they can have various different steps in it. So if software development company have ongoing development within Development Tasks then the workflow can reflect task flow through diffeent stages of the development lifecycle.

If software development company have to deal with bug fixes then the workflow should be created in a way which will reflect and support how the team manage bug fix type of requests.


Here is example of a workflow which can be used to manage regular development tasks in the project

silverlining technologies custom jira software development workflow



Another example of a workflow which can be used to manage bug fixes type of requests in JIRA Software 

silverlining technologies custom jira workflow for bug issue types


These are some of the JIRA Software customizations which can be of help for software development companies or digital agencies.

What else makes Atlassian JIRA Software great collaboration and project management tool?


Different type of projects – when you create project in JIRA Software you can determine what type of project this will be. Depending your selection your project will get pre-defined workflow associated with it.

You have quite a few pre-defined options to select from, still it is not fixed! You can re-configure it all later on in JIRA Software admin area.

JIRA Software Project Types

  1. Software Type Of Projects:
  • Scrum Software Development
  • Basic Software Development
  • Kanban Software Development

2.Service Desk Type Of Projects:

  • Basic
  • Customer Service
  • IT Service Desk

3. Business Type Of Projects:

  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Recruitment
  • Lead Tracking
  • Task Management
  • and many more…

silverlining technologies jira software project types


JIRA Software Projects Estimates

In software development project level of effort is key value which we need to know as early as possible. It is vital for assesing project delivery dates, due dates for milestone tasks as well as being able to prioritize the work and split it into iterations or sprints. JIRA Software make it easy to do it. In Core solution we get Original Estimates field for task.

When we completed level of effort analysis for the task we can add the value to Original estimates field. Once team member will start working on the task and Log the time spend working on this task, JIRA Software will automatically reduce remaining time for the task. This way we will always see and know how much time is remaining.

Having Log work feature we can review at the end of the development sprint what was overall team/member velocity and how good are original estimates were vs. time finally spent when working on the task. This data will support the team to draw conclusions and come up with lessons learned and improvements to be applied in future.


JIRA Software Releases

When you have ongoing development in a big scale and complex project it is worth to split the work into Releases. You can do it with JIRA and use Releases tab. Create your product backlog or at least define all requirements you know the team need to deliver and then start planning against the deliverables.

Split it all into smaller releases and be in control of what comes out in each release. To get the control you can linked your development tasks with specific release version and determine start and end dates for this release. You can do it also for bug issue types or any other type of bugs as long as this is what you need in your team and what will simplify the work.

silverlining technologies jira software release management

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