JIRA Configuration

How We Help With Your JIRA Configuration?

icon-1New To Atlassian? Already Use It’s Products? 

We work with companies of different sizes to help them adjust and work within Atlassian Products eco – system. If you have been using their products – that is great! We help you analyse how it was used, will follow up with few interviews to understand your business and the biggest challenges. Based on that will come up with suggested improvements in Atlassian tools configuration.

Are you new to Atlassian? Heard about it and would like to try this out? We can provide demo for you on how these products can work on behalf of your company future success.

icon-2Agile And Kanban

As Agile practitioners we know how it can simplify the development lifecycles, what challenges teams are facing with it and why some waterfall and lean combinations are the best. Having said that we trust Atlassian provide the best software to support all different methodologies and frameworks. We advise you what is the best configuration for your projects. Or if it make sense to use JIRA Scrum set up or JIRA Kanban boards for some of your projects.

icon-3JIRA Configuration with IM

Introduce instant messaging HipChat to your team, so keep everyone up to date. Create project dedicated rooms, share documents, integrate JIRA with HipChat, decide to have discussions only about specific tickets in the project. All in one place cross integrated, with security and mobility in mind.


Workflows – How They Work!?

Confused about JIRA Workflows? Would like to automate them more? We provide dedicated workflows on Atlassian Marketplace and help companies to create very custom workflows with conditions, validators and post functions inside of them. All to automate and increase team productivity by smooth and functional process.


Restrict Project Based Access

One of the JIRA Configuration area are permissions. You can use standard permission schemes in JIRA or decide to create dedicated permission scheme. We help to determine the best permission schemes for your JIRA depending your company structure.

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