JIRA Software Workflows Introduction

Working with JIRA Workflows is great! How to select the right one and what are the things to be aware of?

Working with JIRA workflows may be challenging. JIRA offer standard workflows in out of the box configuration. No matter the type of project you will select – you can see that there are usually few pre defined workflows. They are assiociated with specific type of the project. Here is the pre-defined list of projects types and indication which steps they cover in the workflow.

Types of projects in JIRA Software:

  • Software Type Of Project
  • Service Desk Type Of Project
  • Business Type Of Project










Workflows available in Software Type Of Projects:

  • Scrum Software Development
  • Basic Software Development
  • Kanban Software Development

Software development projects done in standard framework of development are slightly different for management steps and they can but are not supported in out of the box set for veru custom and dedicated steps and issue types. When you think about the workflow you need to think what sort of operations you have in the team and company and what steps you would like to use depending on the project type.

If your team is agile the types to consider are Scrum and Kanban workflows. Wheres if you can develop product withouth any agility in mind or any approach to deliver minimum viable products in a short timeframes – then you can select Basic Software Development.

What is great about JIRA Software workflows is that they are adjustable and changable – you can start from some standard set up and configuration and once your team gather more experience and lessons working with that workflow – you can always switch to something more dedicated and custom, something what will reflect real operational process in the team.




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