Managing Software Development Projects

Managing Software Development Projects – Top 5 Steps for Better Planning

Do you want to learn how to succeed in software development projects management? Here, you’ll find tips to help you plan managing software development projects.

Managing software development projects is no easy task. The reality is that software development projects management is difficult and challenging process. Obviously, proper planning of the software development process is incredibly important for managing projects successfully. Here, we’ll highlight top 5 steps for better planning of software development projects management. Consider our tips for creating software development project plans successfully.



Step 1: Project Initiation


In fact, it is the first step of software development process planning. It’s important to know that project initiation is all about feasibility studies and requirement gathering. At this step, project managers conduct an interview with stakeholders and project sponsors. The main goal of the interview is to gather all the necessary details about the project. As a result, a project manager receives all the information needed to start planning software development projects management.


Step 2: Requirements Analysis


In order to plan managing software development projects successfully you need to have a thorough understanding of project’s goals and requirements as well as deadlines. It’s crucial for you to know that requirement analysis is a key to successful software development projects management. Obviously, you need to analyze the requirements of your software development project carefully before to start creating project plans. If you have any questions about the project you will definitely need to clarify them with a client. This will certainly help you avoid different types of problems during the process of managing software development projects. It goes without saying that the analysis of project’s requirements is a key part of planning software development process. After analyzing project’s requirements you need to prepare technology infrastructure needed for software development projects management. Understanding project’s requirements you will help you prepare desktops with tools needed for software development process as well as adjust the server with a configuration management system for document tracking and version control. Moreover, the detailed project requirements analysis will help you figure out what task management system fits your needs in the best way.


Step 3: Evaluating and Minimizing Risks


Needless to say that every software development project involves certain risks. So, after analyzing project requirements you will need to evaluate the risks of the project as well. Afterwards, you will have to undertake all the necessary actions to minimize the risks of managing software development projects.


Step 4: Organizing Software Development Team


Keep in mind that the success of software development projects management will depend significantly on your team. Therefore, before to start developing software you need to ensure that your team has all the necessary software development specialists. In order to deliver high quality software you need to choose the most talented software developers for your project. When creating the software development team for your project you should aim to hire highly experienced software developers who are the best in what they do. Play close attention to past experience and a portfolio of software developers. Of course, you should give a preference to candidates with a solid portfolio and experience in similar projects. Your software development team has to be well-organized as well. During the software development process the members of your team (software architects, programmers, developers and testers) will cooperate together. As a project manager, you need to do your best to make this cooperation easy and effective. So, your task is to provide members of your team with the proper infrastructure that will allow them work together successfully at different stages of the software development process.


Step 5: Planning Project Monitoring and Control Process


It’s widely known that project monitoring and task performance control plays a big role in managing software development projects. That means that you should plan project monitoring and control process for your project in advance. In order to be able to monitor project’s performance successfully project managers are recommended to take advantage of industry best practices. It is worth noting that the help of the up-to-date requirements/task/defect tools is immeasurable in the process of project monitoring and task performance control. These tools can greatly contribute to the process of managing software development projects.



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