Atlassian BitBucket Version Control System

Atlassian® BitBucket Version Control System

Atlassian BitBucket Version Control System

Thinking about smooth software development lifecycle?

Looking for ways on how to make your development team working continuously and commit the code regularly?

Want to get more visibility on the code commits made for each requirement?

BitBucket product will help you to achieve these goals, it works within one of the most popular distributed version control software out there. It support small, medium and big teams no matter the location. Works especially good when there are multiple developers in one project. It support Lead Developers in code approval within pull request, checking against diff between previous version of the code and current version of the code.

It comes with advanced permission scheme for users, enable to set up public and private repositories and transferring repos accordingly to the business needs.

JIRA Software can be nicely integrated with BitBucket which takes just few minutes. For teams looking more automated way to manage tasks in the projects with the code commitments – once Bitbucket is integrated with JIRA it’s possible to add more automated triggers which will transition tasks for different statuses.

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