Atlassian® Confluence knowledge base

Atlassian® Confluence knowledge base

Atlassian® Confluence knowledge base support building robust knowledge base for your company. JIRA is projects and tasks management tool whereas Confluence offer dynamic knowledge base and in depth integration with JIRA.

Confluence can be deeply customized like many Atlassian products. It’s features are endless. Your project managers can create team pages where they can provide team overviews, team contacts and the projects the team is working on.

It brings custom reports for each project, product requirements pages and many many more. It offers standard package of templates and gives option to create custom templates depending on the type of information you want to present.

Through powerful macros it enables to link the information with JIRA instance and simplify communication with the team by adding social intranet approach to team collaboration.

Via rich permission schemes you can create dedicated Spaces in Confluence which then will be access given or restricted to group of users or individual user and decide if the space is public or private which makes Confluence even more powerfull – you can use it for Product FAQ and Knowledge Base for your end clients.


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