Atlassian HipChat Instant Messaging

Atlassian® Hipchat Instant Messaging

Atlassian Hipchat Instant Messaging:

Are you worrying about uncrypted messages send by your team in Skype?

Atlassian has answer to it with fully secured 256-bit SSL cert that gives confidence that your data won’t be copied or hacked by external companies.

Atlassian Hipchat is powerfull instant messaging tool that gives chatting, file sharing and video calls options to your team.

No matter if team works in one place or is distributed workload across the globe. Hipchat makes it easy to connect with mobile apps (available for all operating systems) and desktop app.

Decide who gets access to which Hipchat room and then connect your team with each room dedicated to specific project or program development.

Lastly sync it with JIRA and voilà! Job done – from now on team can see real time updates for JIRA tasks and issues, see code commits happening in BitBucket and chat about it all in dedicated rooms!

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