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Atlassian® JIRA Team Time Tracker

JIRA Time Tracking

Atlassian® JIRA Team Time Tracker can support team time tracking in various ways. We recommend to use Tempo Plug in as the most powerful add on for JIRA.

Tempo plug in has become market standard and it’s most popular JIRA add on which helps companies to configure time-sheet capabilities in multiple ways (accounts, permissions, user, team).

If you have internal team you would like to start tracking for level of effort each team member spend working on task Tempo is right for you.

If you are agency which cooperate with outsourced suppliers or freelancers Tempo support external resources management and time tracking.

If you would like to move one step further Tempo offers account management where you can link the team working on the account (client), projects and boards and set up specific budget.

On top of all of it Tempo comes with unique Holidays scheme and Workload Scheme, which means you can customize it depending on your team availability both during regular weekdays and when they are off on holidays. This then helps to manage team capacity on the fly!

It has also team capacity and planned build in. If you are interested in free demo on how you can start using Tempo to manage your team contact us!

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