JIRA Service Desk portal

Atlassian® Jira Helpdesk and Complete Costumer Support

Jira Helpdesk and Customer Support:

Does your company use Atlassian JIRA ?

Are you seeking Service Desk software to streamline communication process with your clients and get dev/ops working smoothly?

Try out JIRA Service Desk – powerful customer support tool offered by Atlassian.

It gives all functionalities service desk software offers and it has one big advantage – it can become part of your JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server instance – which means your time to deliver and resolve issues raised by clients can be minimized significantly.

Here is why:

  • create external FAQ and Knowledge Base about your product(s) and display it for the end users and clients
  • come  up with pattern for the customer issues which are repeating – automate type of issues which are happening frequently and often
  • prioritize the most important issues raised by the clients – implement SLA (Service Level Agreement) into your Customer Service Department and make sure the team is working on Blocker type of issues before they will start working on lower priority issues
  • create Customer Satisfaction surveys – ask and build business intelligence around customers feedback
  • integrate it all with JIRA Cloud or JIRA Software – to make sure it is becoming part of the development framework and is being given attention required
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